Setting Up With SAS Statistical Software

The SAS Institute has kindly provided a version of their powerful statistics program called SAS available for non-commercial use. The SAS University Edition provides a number of Base SAS functionality but computing power is limited to two local cores.

SAS University Edition Start Page at

When you click the "Get free software" button pictured above, you will be taken to a login screen where you provide your SAS username and password. If you have not registered follow the link to begin email verification. You will need to provide a valid email address and information about yourself in order to gain access to SAS University Edition.

When you have verified your email address your browser will be redirected to the SAS store where you can begin download. Complete instructions are available as a PDF to help you install the software. You will want to follow them closely as installing SAS University Edition is not just a matter of double-clicking the downloaded file. It is required to use Oracle's Virtual Box software to run the SAS ova file that you have just downloaded, approximately 1 GB.

Once you have installed the machine image, you can run SAS from VirtualBox. When you open your browser to the localhost web address provided, you will be presented with a screen to Start SAS University Edition.

SAS University Edition Statistical Browser start page

From there you will be taken to the SAS Studio where you can import your datasets. All data will be saved onto a personal folder on your computer. The URL you will need to open is http://localhost:10080

SAS Statistics Studio Workspace

SAS Code

Please see above description at the top of the page.

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