OpenIntro Example: Importing the email50 dataset

The email50 dataset is briefly introduced in the first chapter. How do we import the dataset in Quadstat, R, and SAS?

Since the email50 dataset is file, we will import the dataset into Quadstat by using the "Upload File" method which can be selected by creating a dataset. Set the Header option to "Yes". You will also want to select TAB radio button as the delimiter and provide a description for the dataset so that it can be easily identified by you and others.

Quadstat Statistics email50 dataset configuration screenshot

When you have successfully imported the data, you will be able to view and edit the dataset in its entirety.

Quadstat Statistics email50 dataset screenshot
R Code
email50 <- read.table("/home/ubuntu/email50.txt", header = TRUE, sep = "\t");

For additional information, please refer to the detailed instructions for importing a dataset into R.

SAS Code
/* Generated Code (IMPORT) */
/* Source File: email50.txt */
/* Source Path: /folders/myshortcuts/Quadstat */
/* Code generated on: 5/28/17, 11:17 AM */
FILENAME REFFILE '/folders/myshortcuts/Quadstat/email50.txt';

Please refer to importing a dataset into SAS for additional information.

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