Setting Up With R

If you wish to try out the code examples that are also given in R at the bottom of every page, you will need to install R on your computer. You can download R from one of the R mirrors in your country.

If you are using Ubuntu you can easily install R with this command from the terminal:

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install r-base

If you are using Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS, you can issue the following command at the terminal while logged in as root

yum install R

If you need additional instructions, you can follow the official R admin manual as seen here below

R Manual Install from R project Home page

To install on a Mac, Homebrew is a very capable package manager. Just issue this at Terminal's command line

brew tap homebrew/science
brew install Caskroom/cask/xquartz
brew install r

It is preferred not to use the sudo command for Homebrew.

For Windows, just download the executable from any of the R mirrors mentioned above. It's best to pick a mirror close by.

You can always check that your download is not corrupt by using md5 checksums.