What Is Quadstat?

  • Data Analysis

    Quadstat is a free online statistical tool for analysis and learning that also serves as a data repository.

  • Share Data

    Quadstat is a free data repository for storing and sharing data.

  • PHP Framework

    Quadstat is also a framework for designing new applications.

  • Grid Editor

    Quadstat is a basic spreadsheet editor for cleaning data.

Who Would Benefit From Using Quadstat?

  • High Schools

    High school statistics students may find the apps particularly useful.

  • College Students

    Quadstat may be useful in elementary statistics courses.

  • Web Developers

    Get help fast with Drupal’s welcoming community.

  • Data Editors

    Start without signing up using the inline data feature.

How Do I Get Started?

  • Support

    If you need further assistance feel free to contact North Penn Networks.

  • Privacy

    Currently all output and datasets generated will remain public.

  • Sign In

    Sign in to save your own data for analysis.

  • Register

    Sign up to create your free statistics web profile.